Whether you are new to the smart grid or an industry veteran, The Smart Grid Group can help you plan and execute your Smart Grid strategy. The Smart Grid Group provides strategic advisory and consulting services to companies in and adjacent to the smart grid industry. We have deep industry expertise in areas including demand response, residential & commercial energy management, communications networks, smart grid security, and AMI. Our services include market development, technical due diligence, market intelligence, technology and business strategy, patent & IP strategy, and product management.


The term "Smart Grid" represents a vision for a digital upgrade of the electric power grid to optimize operations, increase visibility & control of energy consumption, and effectively integrate distributed energy resources, including renewables. This is accomplished by leveraging two-way communications, advanced sensors, and distributed computing technology which will improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of power delivery and use. Just as the internet has continued to evolve since its inception in 1969, so too will the Smart Grid expand its reach and capabilities.

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